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Garage Door St. Petersburg – Garage Door Repair St. Petersburg |

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Protecting a Garage Door from St. Petersburg Hurricanes

Located between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, St. Petersburg, Florida is occasionally visited by tropical storms and hurricanes. And here at Precision Door Service, we invite every resident to start protecting their garage door from St. Petersburg’s hurricanes.

As one of the largest moving objects in a home, garage doors can cause serious injury especially in strong winds. Furthermore, failure of the garage door system can lead to extensive damage to property.

This is why before installing a new door or conducting garage door repair for St. Petersburg clients, our certified technicians first conduct a thorough inspection of the entire system. In case a defect is seen, we explain to our customers the plan of action we recommend, be it a repair, overhaul, installation of reinforcements or replacement. Once the steps are decided, we begin work using only the best-rated materials stocked in our own local warehouses.

For new garage doors, we offer two of the most recognized names: CHI Doors and Hormann Doors. CHI doors are known for their riveted door panels, and these wind-rated doors have horizontal hurricane struts that need not be manually installed when a hurricane comes, unlike with most doors.

Hormann doors, on the other hand, are missile impact-rated and hurricane wind-rated for up to 150 MPH. With R12 insulation and a safety catch that stops the door from free falling, Hormann offers the best value for money.

Call us today at 1-888-626-3667, or visit us at to learn more details about the way we do garage door repair for St. Petersburg clients.

Our service technicians will arrive promptly, with samples of door materials, designs and parts. They will strive to answer all your inquiries, including the cost of installing a new garage door in St. Petersburg.

Garage Door Clearwater - Garage Door Repair Clearwater

Garage Door Clearwater – Garage Door Repair Clearwater |

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For the Installation and Repair of a Garage Door in Clearwater, People Trust PDS

As the largest opening in a house, it is important for a garage door to resist the wear and tear of daily use. For discerning homeowners, technicians from Precision Door Service can repair, overhaul or install a new garage door in Clearwater, Florida and in 70 other US locations.

Honed by over two decades of experience, the company strives to deliver what their clients need: A garage door that is reliable, tough, and operates smoothly and quietly. So when our technicians do garage door repair for Clearwater residents, they bring all the best high-quality door parts they may need, and deliver exceptional workmanship as well.

Customer service at Precision Door Service is one of a kind: Interested clients can call 24/7. Our service technicians will extend every effort to come on the same day, even on weekends or holidays at no extra charge.

Precision Door Services' garage door repair in Clearwater and other areas in the US begins with a thorough inspection, which will cover 25 major points on the garage door and opener. Then, our technician will discuss the options available: Basic repair, preventive repair or overhaul, or hurricane reinforcement.

Under the basic repair service, we correct simple problems to make the door work again. Preventive repair or an overhaul entails replacing all the worn and noisy hardware. Finally, hurricane reinforcement features the installation of horizontal reinforcement struts which become an integral part of the door. We also offer a choice between a wind-rated door or a wind and missile impact-rated door.

Visit for more details about our impeccable track record for installation, repair or replacement of any garage door in Clearwater, Florida, as well as a gallery of the elegant designs we have for residential or commercial doors. We can also be contacted through 1-888-626-3667.

Garage Door Tampa - Tampa Garage Door Service

Garage Door Tampa – Tampa Garage Door Service |

"With the city's vulnerability to extreme weather events, it makes perfect sense to install a hurricane garage door in Tampa, Florida homes. Visit or call 1-888-626-3667 for more information."

The Value of a Hurricane Garage Door in Tampa, Florida

Situated near the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, Florida's weather patterns make a hurricane-resistant garage door in Tampa a real asset. The state of Florida registers a high vulnerability to severe weather conditions. For Tampa residents, hurricane reinforcements for garage door systems are available at Precision Door Service.

The emphasis on garage doors and garage door repair in Tampa has never been more relevant and urgent. With climate change signaling more extreme weather events, homeowners need structural support for what is often the biggest opening in the house. Depending on the case, the hardware may be upgraded, or door panels reinforced with posts. Furthermore, the door may be replaced with a new wind rated door or missile impact rated door.

In determining what action to implement in response to our clients' concerns, we conduct a thorough analysis of the situation. First, we thoroughly inspect the whole door and the opener to check for parts that may break down in the event of strong winds and impact.

Then, we explain our plan for the system to the clients, and they decide whether they want a reinforcement, replacement or repair for their garage doors. With trucks that are fully stocked with all needed parts, our service is guaranteed to be fast and reliable. In addition, our warehouse can supply doors of every size, color and wind/impact rating.

For each client, our goal is to promote 100 percent satisfaction. And we work absolutely hard to do so. So far, our dedication has brought us an untarnished record with the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and other agencies.

If you are interested in introducing reinforcements for a garage door in Tampa, visit or call 1-888-626-3667. Our site features the premium products that we use in our services. In addition, we are known for providing outstanding customer service for garage door repair in Tampa, Florida, and in 70 other locations where we operate.

Round-The-Clock Emergency Garage Door Repair in Tampa Bay Area

Precision Door Service, the foremost company in garage door repair in Tampa, provides for 24-hour emergency repair work for any garage door. Their repairs of garage doors work comes with no added costs for weekends or weekdays, and the company will respond as quickly as possible

Tampa, Florida, July 2, 2009 - Precision Door Service, a major provider of garage door repair in Tampa, as well as in St. Petersburg and Clearwater, now offer 24-hour emergency repair services regardless of time or day.

Precision Door Service's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction allows them to provide round-the-clock on-call garage door repair in St.Petersburg and other Florida locales. This kind of service comes with no added costs, regardless of whether the work is on a weekend or late at night.

Garage door repair in Clearwater and other nearby cities can find the Precision Door Service center nearest them. The company's staff will attend to their concerns as quickly as possible, so as to ensure continuing customer satisfaction and peace of mind for any issues regarding garage door repair for St. Petersburg and neighboring places.

Hurricanes, storms and other inclement weather are common occurrences that require fast action. Precision Door Service will be able to perform quick garage door repair in Tampa or other areas commonly hit by strong winds and rain, so that a garage door can quickly be cleared of the damage wrought by a hurricane, and to protect any home or storefront from dangerous people.

The company, experts in garage door repair at St. Petersburg, can also respond to quick late-night job orders from damage caused by other accidents, to keep a house protected following the unfortunate circumstances. This leading firm for garage door repair in Clearwater assures clients their most competent and skilled workers will attend to their needs.

For more information on these and other concerns regarding garage door repair in Tampa Bay, clients may contact Precision Door Service at

About Precision Door Service: Operating out of over 70 locations across the country, Precision Door Service retails and provides garage door repair work for any installation in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and other nearby areas. Theirs is a wide range of items and services ideal for keeping homes and businesses safe. For more information on their exceptional garage doors, visit or call toll-free at 1-888-626-3667.

A Weatherproofed Commercial Garage Door in Tampa can Defend Businesses

SUMMARY: Defending a store or other commercial establishment from natural and man-made problems is a key feature in many a weatherproofed garage door in Tampa Bay, Florida, one of the country's places most affected by hurricanes. For this, every garage door in St. Petersburg, Clearwater and other Tampa Bay areas must be designed with security as a foremost concern.

BODY: Most commercial establishments commonly use their own unique kind of garage door in Tampa Bay as part of a store's frontage. These mark entrances for delivery trucks or vans, as well as personal parking spaces for proprietors in the crowded Florida streets.

For some places, also, they act as more than just a garage door. St. Petersburg, Clearwater and other cities in hurricane-prone Florida all use them as reinforcements against inclement weather. So when selecting a garage door for Clearwater or anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, this must be made a primary concern.

A garage door in Tampa Bay can also serve as protection for an establishment's actual front door. These garage doors in Clearwater and neighboring localities employ the roll-up/roll-down design, acting both as a door and a fence. This design is a safety feature in itself, can help keep the door from detaching during powerful rains.

A key function of a garage door in St. Petersburg and the rest of Florida, apart from resisting winds and storms, is to keep intruders out. This is a lesson learned following the extended chaos at New Orleans that resulted from Hurricane Katrina.

Several companies now offer establishments a garage door in Tampa Bay that is built heavy and difficult to destroy. They are commonly made of reinforced steel or iron, and many a garage door in St. Petersburg now bears this designing concept. For storefronts and commercial driveways, a garage door in Clearwater and the rest of Florida using these heavy-duty designs simply makes more sense.


Precision Door Service offers options for a reinforced garage door for Tampa Bay area homes. Serving 70 locations all over the United States, the company is an industry leader in quality garage door retail and repair services. Learn more by visiting or calling 1-888-626-3667.

Regular Garage Repair in Tampa Can Save Lives

SUMMARY: Regular garage door repair for Tampa Bay area homes can spell the difference between safety and danger. The risks of damaged doors make garage door repair in Clearwater, St. Petersburg and other Tampa areas an important consideration.

BODY: Proper preparations and regular garage door repair for Tampa Bay and nearby cities can be crucial for safety. According to statistics released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, garage doors account for one out of four major sources of damage to homes.

An estimated 80% of home-related damage during a storm can be attributed to faulty, weak or damaged garage doors. It becomes a principal safety concern that garage door repair in St. Petersburg and neighboring locales are conducted well ahead of a storm's arrival. Considering that Florida can be especially prone to storms and hurricane-force winds, garage door repair in St. Petersburg and the general area of Tampa should not be taken lightly.

Once unanchored or ripped apart during a storm, garage doors also pose serious injury risks for people and property. A storm can crush steel doors, crumple gates, shatter glass and fling debris at speeds equaling hundreds of miles per hour. Clearly, proper garage door repair in the Tampa Bay area is a must.

Destroyed garage doors also leave a house exposed to other sources of harm. Once a house's garage door is destroyed, the house open to thieves, burglars and all other sorts of unsavory characters.

The need for regular maintenance and garage door repair in Clearwater as well as other Tampa Bay cities becomes more pronounced during hurricane season. However, by the time hurricanes do arrive, it is often too late.

For these reasons, there are many companies that offer emergency garage door repair in St. Petersburg and other nearby cities 24-hours for any event. By reinforcing garages, these firms do more than simply fix how a home looks - they also ensure the safety of others.


Precision Door Service offers exceptional services focusing on garage door repair for Tampa Bay area homes. They offer 24-hour emergency repairs for any damaged garage doors, with no extra charge for night work or weekends. For more information on how to better defend your homes through reinforced garage doors, visit or call toll-free at 1-888-626-3667.